Good Afternoon Everyone

We (hopefully) have our first meet today! Please be there at 4:30p.m. so that everyone is ready for warm-ups. If this is your first meet, they can run pretty long. Please bring snacks or money for your swimmers so they can have something to eat/drink throughout the meet. Also, make sure that your swimmers have everything for the meet, including a blue suit, goggles, towel and cap.

Tomorrow's practice will be an optional practice for new swimmers and swimmers that need help learning the strokes and making them legal. Since there is a possibility that the meet could go late, we will do only two practices. New swimmers between ages 11 and 18 will be at 9:00a.m. and new swimmers between ages 5 and 10 will be at 10:00a.m.

We will be tracking the weather and will let you know as as soon as possible if there are any changes. Thank you all and looking forward to seeing you tonight.

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