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2022 Swim Meet Procedures

Meet Procedures

Swimmers’ meet event assignments are provided the day of the meet. There will be several copies of the meet entry sheet available. Sharpie markers are also available to write down the events on the back of your child’s hand if you choose to do so. Meet entries will also be posted online.

Other general meet procedures:

  • 1.For Regular Season meets, arrive at the pool at 4:00 pm for home meets and 5:00 pm for away meets. Report to your coach with your suit, cap and goggles on. Warm-ups will begin shortly. Be ready!
  • 2.Each group has its specific warm-up time as designated by the Head Coach. Become familiar with your assigned warm-up group.
  • 3.All swimmers must wear the team cap and team suit. Wearing the team uniform promotes team unity, pride and greatly improves spectator recognition.
  • 4.Each swimmer is responsible for knowing which events he/she is swimming in and to be present at the “Clerk of the Course” station at the appropriate time prior to the event.
  • 5.The Clerk of the Course will give swimmers their heat and lane assignments. Relay Events do not report to the Clerk of Course. Please see one of the coaches for lane assignments for relays.
  • 6.Hand timers are used. The official time is recorded and entered by scorekeeping personnel that are then posted as final results.
  • 7.In between races, swimmers should rest and stay warm. Store up your energy for your next event or to cheer on your teammates.
  • 8.Drink and eat throughout the meet. Go easy on ‘heavy’ foods. Avoid milk products.
  • 9.What to bring to a meet: swim suit, 2 team caps, 2 pair of goggles, 2 towels, deck chairs, sun block, team shirt, sweatshirt, water bottle/drinks, snacks, money for concessions, outfit for the ride home, and something to do.
  • 10.If you know you will miss a meet, please give the coaches notification ahead of time. Please remember to mark your swimmer’s availability in Swimtopia for events. These will close 5 days before the meet so the coach can set up the events
  • 11.A swimmer can compete in a maximum of 3 individual events and 3 relays, with one of those relays being the all age groups “Graduated” Relay
  1. Each team can enter an unlimited number of swimmers in 25/50freestyle events
  2. All other individual events are limited by number of lanes in host pool, typically 6 lanes allowing 6 swimmers per team.
  3. Teams are limited to two relay teams per relay event unless otherwise agreed upon by teams.
  4. To qualify for Championships, the swimmer must have competed in at least two meets and have received a legal time in at least one individual event.

Meet Behavior

● Remember, when you wear our team colors, you represent the Lake of the Woods Barracudas Swim Team. Please let your actions reflect well on your team and your community

● As a matter of courtesy and proper procedure, all questions swimmers or parents may have during a meet concerning results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet should be referred to the coaching staff only. They in turn will pursue the matter through proper channels.

● When at an ‘away’ meet, leave the team area in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of the meet. Police your own area.

● The Head Coach has final say on which event a swimmer competes in. Swimmers are never to add or scratch or change relay team assignments without first consulting with a team coach.

● Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited by RSL and LOW on the pool deck.

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Swim Meet Check List

Most teams will sell concessions, although selections may vary by location. It is best to pack to few healthy snacks for your swimmer. Also remember that while it often warms up quickly in the morning, swimmers can feel cold after coming out of the water- even if it is 70-80 degrees outside. Be sure to pack warm clothing or a blanket to keep your swimmer warm between events.

  • Directions to the pool, address for GPS
  • Heat sheet - know whether you need to print one or they will be sold at the host pool (BHST does not sell heat sheets: they will be emailed to families on the Friday before the meet).
  • Towels- several, as wet towels do not dry quickly (especially if there is no sun)
  • Blanket- once your swimmer is dries off s/he may want to wrap in a warm blanket 
  • Extra outfit- dry clothes for the ride home
  • Tent - putdoor shade or pop-up tent/shade
  • Chairs
  • Sunscreen
  • Water- lots of it; swimmers need to stay hydrated
  • Snacks- fruits, nuts, granola, pasta
  • Small bills for concession purchases
  • Googles- an extra pair is always a good idea
  • Cap- swimmers are to wear a team cap
  • Swim suit- black 
  • Deck of cards, games, books- to enjoy between events. ( To get the most out of the team experience encourage your swimmers to refrain from electronics, choosing instead to rest, refuel, socialize and/or cheer on team mates.)
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Lake of the Woods Barracudas is a member of the Rappahanock Swim League.  


Email: [email protected]


PO Box 1002
Locust Grove, VA 22503

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