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2021 Swim Meet Procedures

Here you will find the procedures determined by the LOW Barracudas for the swim meets in the 2021 Season. We have tried to keep the flow of the meet similar to past years but have made some adjustments to the movement of people to ensure proper social distancing and safety. This is the first meet of a once in a lifetime season and we are doing our very best to get it right. There will be mistakes and we will learn from them as best we can. Please have patience and grace with the volunteers that work on behalf of the LOW Barracudas. If you have any questions, please contact us using the Contact Us Tab above.

Volunteer Positions

  • Volunteer positions are scheduled in two sessions. Session One ends at Event 36. Session Two begins at event 37.  Click here to go to the Volunteer Schedule or you can click on Meets and Events on the blue banner at the top of the page.
  • One family member is assigned to a particular volunteer position but all family members may be listed on the Volunteer Schedule.
  • Volunteers will sign in at the beginning of the meet at the designated place prior to the start of the meet. This is when you will get your name tag.
  • Timers will meet with the Head Timer prior to the beginning of the meet. The time and place will be given when you sign in.
  • Stroke and Turn Judges will meet with the Referee prior to the beginning of the meet. The time and place will be given when you sign in.
  • THANK YOU! For being a part of the meet.

Swimmers and Spectators – Staging and Movement

  • Swimmers will enter the deck through the front gate on the Boys Bathroom side of the Guardhouse and remain on that side of the deck until they have swum their event/s and are released by the Clerk of the Course.
  • Spectators will enter the deck via the small gate on the pump room side of the back shed. Spectator shall remain on this side of the pool until they exit through the front gate on the Women’s Bathroom side of the Guard House.
  • In order to maintain proper social distancing, we ask that only parents of athletes that are or shortly will be swimming remain on the deck. Family groups may set up in the grassy area surrounding the pool. Do not set up on the gravel road in case Emergency Personnel need to access the road.

Clerk of Course

  • Swimmers are permitted to remain on the deck throughout the entirety of the meet but we defer to the parents on the matter of where the swimmer should be with two exceptions:
    • When the swimmer will be swimming shortly and
    • Swimmers should not be on the playground! Coach Sheila will remind them of this rule prior to the meet.
  • We ask that all children be supervised (when not on deck) for the entirety of the meet.
  • Announcements will be made periodically for swimmers in the next events to report to the Clerk of the Course. Parents and Swimmers should be listening for these announcements. There are only two clerks and they cannot and will not go searching for the swimmer if he/she/they do not arrive when called.
  • Swimmers will be staged on deck in lines with appropriate social distancing prior to the event and the Clerk will ensure they arrive to the blocks when they should.

A Few Final Notes:

  • Families may leave the meet when they have completed all their events and parents have fulfilled their volunteer responsibilities. You may also stay until the very end and help us cheer the team on.
  • Remember, all our meets are virtual this year, meaning they will all be swum at Sweetbriar Pool even with the schedule says it is an “Away” Meet.
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Swim Meet 101

If you have never been to a swim meet before, here are some basic items you would need to prepare as a swim parent:

1. SHARPIE! It would be best to write your swimmer’s events, heat & lane number on their arm.  At first, you will need to be aware which event is happening in the pool and get your child prepared for their event. As your child gets older and have had several swim meets under their belt, they learn to get ready in time on their own – but during the early years, you definitely want to be aware of what is happening in the pool and remind your child to get ready for their event.

2. LAWN CHAIRS. You should always bring a lawn chair per person or a blanket to sit on as meets can last several hours.  Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no seating on deck.  Parents should prepare to set up in the grassy area of Sweetbriar Park.  Please do not impede the right of way for the gravel road around the pool.

3. Outdoor shade or pop-up tent/shade for your outdoor set-up area. You could get these from stores like Walmart, Costco or Academy. Or become good friends with someone who does have an outdoor shade!

The picture below shows a typical outdoor set-up area:

4. Snacks (for both yourself & the swimmer) & a cooler with plenty of water bottles &/or sports drinks. The concessions stand will be operating but with a limited selection and social distancing requirements.  Only credit or debit cards will be accepted.

5. Spare swim cap and goggles. Maybe even a spare swimsuit! Unfortunate or unlucky things do happen from time to time and swim meets are not an exception. Bring a spare of everything in case a goggle breaks or a swim cap tears.

6. Positive attitude and encouraging words. If it’s your first swim meet, it is most likely that your kid is more nervous than you! Your child is going up on the diving blocks for their first race in front of a crowd. Be supportive and offer plenty of encouragement.

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Lake of the Woods Barracudas is a member of the Rappahanock Swim League.  


Email: [email protected]


PO Box 1002
Locust Grove, VA 22503

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